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Deadbeat vs Deadbroke

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  • Discover over 60 sources PI’s use to track people and use them on the ex
  • Learn to track and uncover your ex’s hidden assets
  • Learn to collect from unemployed, self-employed, cash-paid, those hiding assets in other people’s names, etc.

He manipulates his paperwork to appear destitute. She’s “penniless” but drives a new car. He is self-employed but claims to be unemployed and deposits his money into his girlfriends account. She outright lies about her income in court. He’s honestly penniless and trying to improve his finances.

Only one of these deserves sympathy. The other four are deadbeat parents, capitalizing on the court system’s willingness to forgive past-due child support in the face of reported financial distress. On one end…exists indifference and irresponsibility and at the other…an inability to provide financial support due to personal circumstances.

Is your ex a deadbeat or is he Deadbroke? Your answer to that will determine if and how you can collect your arrears from him. Does he own his home or some land? Does he work in a cash-based business or hide his money in someone else’s account? There is a different remedy for each of these problems. You don’t know where he is or what he owns? That’s in there too.

This book is not fluff and it is not a piece of literature. This book was written for the hard-working moms who are parenting on the front lines and want or need the child support money that is owed to them.