Our Story

Every mother deserves to give her child the best possible start in life. 

 Like many mission-driven organizations, the story behind Don’t Get Mad Get Paid is personal. More than 25 years ago, founder Simone Spence found herself with a child support collection problem of her own. Determined to do right by her daughter, she dug deep into the system to learn its complexities and ultimately collect her arrears. Instantly she knew she wanted to help other mothers do the same. 

Soon Simone became the “kitchen table expert,” with moms gathering in her home after working hours to learn from her experience. Next, she self-published her first book about child support collection and then she was offered a book deal with a publishing house for her second book. Finally, she opened an office on a busy street, and built a decades-long business that helped more than a thousand moms get the money they deserved. Over time, Simone wrote additional books, spoke at countless events and even testified as an expert before Congress as a way to spread her knowledge beyond the people she could personally meet in that office. But still, she knew there had to be a way to have a greater impact.

Don’t Get Mad Get Paid stemmed from that belief, transforming Simone’s approach into a platform that automates the expert’s proven methodology. Through angel funding, collaboration with technical experts and the support of strategic advisors, Don’t Get Mad Get Paid can now empower thousands of women at a time, helping them collect the unpaid child support that is rightfully theirs. 

Don’t Get Mad Get Paid by the numbers

  • 87% success rate in helping women collect the unpaid child support they deserve
  • $30,000 average amount of child support collected by a single mother through Don’t Get Mad Get Paid
  • 3 books authored by Don’t Get Mad Get Paid’s founding child support expert and activist Simone Spence. She has also testified on this subject before Congress
  • 1% percentage of applicant companies that were chosen for the Techstars Impact Venture Accelerator that launched Don’t Get Mad Get Paid to the world
  • $10 million total collections received as a result of working with Don’t Get Mad Get Paid