What Athena Uses To Get You Paid

Athena can find and identify assets that your ex may be hiding so he can avoid paying what you are owed.

Assets come in three categories: accounts, information, and property.


Accounts are places where he keeps his money, and they can be personal, business, or even digital accounts like Paypal or Google Wallet.

Banking Information

Athena can find your ex’s bank and investment accounts. Sometimes, we can find the specific account numbers and history of deposits. However, you don’t need the bank account numbers or history to place a lien on an account.

Business Records

Evaders frequently hide assets under a business name. Athena can find out if there are any businesses associated with his name and uncover these assets.

Corporate and Partnership Records

Athena can obtain the start-up records of any incorporated business or partnership. If he’s hiding assets this way, we can uncover them.


Athena can find where your ex is employed. Garnishing wages from his paychecks is one way to collect support from an evader.

Non-Banking Accounts

Some ex’s use non-banking accounts to hide their income from you. We can flush out accounts like PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp.


Information is sources that can contain his address or phone number, which can be tied to property or cash accounts

Hunting/Fishing Licenses

This is a place your ex may not think to hide his address. This slip-up can help lead to his assets.


If your ex has been involved in a lawsuit, the paperwork involved can lead you to him. You can also learn if he is in line for a legal settlement of some type. More money to help cover his child support!

Motor Vehicle Records

Athena can obtain his driver’s license numbers, addresses listed on it, vehicle registration, and state where it is registered.

Neighbor/Associate Listings

Find out who is in your ex’s web of influence because they could be hiding assets for him. Athena’s algorithms will connect you to his wife’s brother, his girlfriend’s sister, and his business partner’s business partner. Just because it’s under someone else’s name doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to claim it.

Phone Numbers

Athena can find any of his home, mobile, or work phone numbers. These can lead to additional information needed and to serve your ex.

Voter Registration Profiles

Athena we can access this information for updated records, after all you need an updated address to vote!


Property category includes boats, cars, real estate, or other investments that can be used to pay for his missing child support by seizure or lien order.


If your ex owns an aircraft, it could be seized to cover his child support. At a minimum, the registration will contain his addresses and could lead to business dealings and other assets.


Like aircraft, boats can be seized to cover child support and the registration will contain his address.

Cars & Motorcycles

All types of personal property can be seized, however they may have to meet a certain dollar threshold to be seized. Your average SUV or sedan may not exceed this threshold and might already have a lien on it from a financing company. However, your ex may collect exotic, antique, or muscle cars that do exceed the threshold and don’t already have financing liens on them. Motorcycles receive the same treatment as cars.

Property Records

Who owns the home that your ex lives in? Does he own it? His girlfriend? His wife? Mother? Business Partner? Does he rent? Property is a valuable asset when collecting child support.

Real Property Transfers

Transferring property to avoid support obligations is illegal. Property transferred to another to avoid being attached or seized can still have liens placed on them and be seized.

Athena will guide you through the process step-by-step, removing the barrier between you and collecting.

Do you want dad to be held accountable for his obligations to you and your children?

Athena is the last thing you will need to try to collect what is owed to you.

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