Till-Tapping: Collecting From Your Ex's Cash Based Business

Some cases call for old-school methods.

Evasive dads who operate cash-based businesses, such as restaurants, barbershops, or auto shops, may feel safe because their income can’t be garnished from an employer to pay their child support. Their money isn’t nearly as secure as they think it is, though.

When your ex is self-employed, some good, old-fashioned methods can help you collect, such as till-tapping.

Till-tapping is a collection method that sends a local sheriff to the obligor's business and empties the cash register to pay for their debt.

Pro Tip: Have the sheriff collect during a busy time for the business. This will vary by the business. It can be right after the lunch rush at a restaurant or a clothing store leading up to the holidays. The point is, have the till tapped when the register will likely be full of cash. Most local stores and restaurants will have very little to collect on a rainy day.

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