How To Collect From Non-Bank Accounts

We make the process simpler and faster than it ever has been. We help you collect arrears where current measures fail.

Non-banking platforms have become a popular way for people to transfer money outside banks. One platform, Cash App, saw a massive surge in revenue in 2020, going from $361 million at the start of the new year to $1.2 billion in six months.

Some dads use these apps to evade their child support obligations and hide their money.

These platforms include, but not limited to: 


  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Google Pay
  • Cash App
  • Square

Want to have that money turned over to you? Take action. Many moms don’t realize that they are entitled to collect their past-due child support by placing liens and seizing assets that belong to their ex.

Dads think they are being creative by keeping their money in non-banking accounts. They think collection agencies won’t think to look there. However, when they set up an account they are required to present their social security number. That’s how Athena finds the money and creates the documents for you to place a lien.

Are your complaints to child support enforcement not being heard? At Athena, we’re in the business of helping moms collect the money that is owed to them. We’ve taken on dads like this for 20 years. We take mom’s complaints and turn that into cash into their pocket. By providing us with some information and the proper legal documentation, we will get to work for you.

No Judgment on hand yet? No Problem. We help you with that too. We will guide you through the process step-by-step, removing the barriers between you and your money.

Athena will guide you through the process step-by-step, removing the barrier between you and collecting.

Do you want dad to be held accountable for his obligations to you and your children? Athena is the last thing you will need to try to collect what is owed to you.

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