How Athena Uses Vehicle Tag Tracing

Tracking his vehicle across the country

Your ex can do a lot to run and to hide his assets, but he’s never had to hide from Athena before. Athena’s eagle-eyed network will spot a runaway obligor through vehicle tag tracing.

Athena can track his car across the country, using cameras in pay-to-park parking lots or through cameras mounted on tractor-trailers.

Vehicle tag tracing will show the vehicle’s records, from accidents to speeding tickets to records of sale. But that’s the easy stuff. Athena is tapped into far-reaching, non-public networks that can track the car’s location across the country with just a portion of the tag.

Vehicle tags can be linked to information such as addresses that may be linked to his bank accounts and other assets that can be used to collect your child support arrears.

If dad doesn’t want to be found, finding him and his assets can be incredibly difficult on your own or through an overburdened CSE office. Athena has the tools, such as vehicle tag tracing, to find him and the experience, 20 years of it, to know how to get what you owe from him.

Athena will guide you through the process step-by-step, removing the barrier between you and collecting.

Do you want dad to be held accountable for his obligations to you and your children? Athena is the last thing you will need to try to collect what is owed to you.

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