How Is Athena Different Than CSE?

We’ve been asked how we are different from Child Support Enforcement (CSE). We offer an alternative method for collecting your arrears if CSE is too slow or inefficient.


  • Software program built to streamline the process so you can collect arrears yourself – faster and more efficiently than other available options
  • Finds your ex, his income, and his assets
  • Generates customized, state-specific documents already filed out and ready for you to sign
  • Eases the filing process by providing you with step-by-step instructions
  • Keeps you updated every step of the way through an online dashboard


  • State-run agency in charge of establishing, enforcing, and collecting court-mandated child support orders
  • May ask you to find your ex before they do anything to enforce your case
  • You will have to find, complete, and file the paperwork yourself
  • Provides you an overburdened caseworker, if your state still has caseworkers
  • The caseworker may care, or it may just be a job to them and the difference could make or break whether or not you collect

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