How Is Athena Different Than
A Collection Agency

Know Your Options: What Makes Athena Different from a Collection Agency?


  • Software program built to streamline the process so you can collect arrears yourself
  • You maintain complete control of your case
  • You only pay a flat, monthly subscription fee
  • All the money you collect goes into YOUR pocket, Athena never touches the money
  • 87% success rate in collecting arrears
  • Average collection time is between 6 and 12 months

Collection Agency

  • Collects the arrears for you, but they have complete control of your case
  • You must provide a power of attorney (POA) to the agency to give them the ability to collect for you
  • Once you sign a contract with the and give the POA, you will not be able to pursue child support through CSE, pro sé, or any other means until you contract is up
  • They take 34-55% of what they collect as their fee
  • Takes their fee before you ever see a cent
  • Can take much longer to collect

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