Do I have a judgment for my arrears?

When it comes to Athena helping you to obtain your child support arrears, having a judgment is key. A judgment essentially is a stamp of approval from the court agreeing and certifying that someone owes you an amount of  money that remains unpaid.  The total amount that has been left unpaid is stated on the document as your proof.
A judgment lasts for about 10 years in most states but it can be fewer in some and more than 10 in others. If a judgment has expired there is a possibility that it can be renewed so that you can still collect what is owed to you. Athena can help you with all of this.
Once you sign up for Athena you are asked to submit a copy of your judgment.  Your judgment then goes to document review to ensure that you have exactly what Athena needs to begin your skip tracing process.
You might wonder whether you have an actual judgment.  With the mounds of paperwork that you have received over the years, it is possible that you have one and don’t realize it and it is also possible that you don’t have one and you believe that you do.
Whether your judgment comes from CSE or the court house and the state where your arrears are enforced can all affect what your judgment is referred to in your jurisdiction and what your document might look like as well as the language that may appear on it.

As you sift through your paperwork, here are some samples of judgment documents to help you to determine what it is that you are looking for.

These are actual documents from moms just like you and me.  Of course their personal information has been redacted for privacy and security.

If your judgment comes from your Child Support Enforcement Office and is a local judgment, it might look like this or similar to this: CSE judgment
This is a blank document to give you an idea of what it might look like, but if your judgment was issued by a judge in Family Court at the court house, it might look like this:
Family Court 
If your judgment was registered in another state because the payor has relocated, your foreign registration judgment might look like this: Foreign Registration


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