Center Stage with Scott Riggan

A Note From Simone

As Founder/CEO of Don’t Get Mad Get Paid, I am excited to build and grow this company. Every day I get up with the most exciting job ever – and that is to build a company that has such a profound impact on the people that we touch. For more than 20 years I was a private consultant working with women on one-off contracts navigating them through their complicated process of child support recovery. Today, I am leading a team.

It is an exciting process to find and hire people who share your mission and who are just as excited to join your team as you are to have them be a part of it. My team helps me to drive the mission and the values of the company and we incorporate them into everything that we do. We walk our talk.

If you are wondering who this team is that I have brought together turning a “me” into a “we” and an “I” into an “our”, I thought it would be great to pull the curtain back a bit and have you to meet the team of people who make up Don’t Get Mad Get Paid through our Center Stage blog series.

Each week we will feature a different team member by having them answer a set of questions so that you can get a better sense of who we are as a high-growth tech company. After all, one of our favorite company values is transparency.

Continuing the series, this week we are featuring Scott Riggan.

What’s your role at Don’t Get Mad Get Paid?

As Don’t Get Mad Get Paid’s Creative Director, I help connect the company to the moms that need our service through messaging. Whether it is through social media or video communication, being able to deliver a message of hope and a reassurance that #mamasgetpaid drives my day-to-day. As a part of a growing organization, I get the opportunity to stretch both creatively and logistically to make sure that we put a dent in the 7 million moms that are owed back child support.

What attracted you to the company Don’t Get Mad Get Paid?

As an impact organization, Don’t Get Mad Get Paid has a vision of leaving this world a better place by delivering economic justice to moms and children impacted by exes not living up to their financial obligation. I want to use my tools to make an impact for the greater good. This opportunity scratches that itch.

The real draw is Simone. Her passion is infectious. She has a shared experience with our audience and really wants to help ease the burden. She leads in a way that anyone would want to follow her into battle, and you know you will succeed.

What impact do you have that you are most excited about?

My motto is Connect • Create • Communicate. As a kid, I was fascinated by the power of the media to communicate to a broad audience in order to inform and entertain. We are shining a spotlight on a problem that has been in the shadows for far too long. I love the idea of being able to connect moms with the information they need through the communication tools that we create. The real power of Don’t Get Mad Get Paid is being able to help moms get the money they are owed. Being able to connect moms with the company through two-way communication using social media is special because I believe in what we are doing.

What makes you most excited to be apart of the team right now?

We are building an organization that takes the knowledge and vision of an incredible founder and improves the lives of moms and children across the country. Who wouldn’t be excited about that!?

If you could instantaneously pick up a new skill, what would you choose and why?

A new skill that I would love to grow is organizational development. Building teams of people, the engine of any company, to work towards a common goal is very exciting to me.