Center Stage with Katelyn Turner

A Note From Simone

As Founder/CEO of Don’t Get Mad Get Paid, I am excited to build and grow this company. Every day I get up with the most exciting job ever – and that is to build a company that has such a profound impact on the people that we touch. For more than 20 years, I was a private consultant working with women on one-off contracts navigating them through their complicated process of child support recovery. Today, I am leading a team.

It is an exciting process to find and hire people who share your mission and who are just as excited to join your team as you are to have them be a part of it. My team helps me to drive the mission and the values of the company, and we incorporate them into everything that we do. We walk our talk.

If you are wondering who this team is that I have brought together turning a “me” into a “we” and an “I” into an “our,” I thought it would be great to pull the curtain back a bit and have you to meet the team of people who make up Don’t Get Mad Get Paid through our Center Stage blog series.

Each week we will feature a different team member by having them answer a set of questions so that you can get a better sense of who we are as a high-growth tech company. After all, one of our favorite company values is transparency.

This week, we are featuring Katelyn Turner.

What’s your role at Don’t Get Mad Get Paid?

I am a Customer Success Team Member, and I genuinely enjoy every parent I encounter. Child Support is not a pleasant conversation for some moms, and there may be some personal taboo tied into their own cultures or experiences. Other moms are hot on the trail, knowledgeable of their cases, and hesitant to trust the process. But each family has its own story, and every mother, no matter the background, has something in common: They are ready to get paid. I feel empowered by watching these clients experience changes, and I treat my craft with dignity. I love seeing mamas get paid!

What attracted you to the company Don’t Get Mad Get Paid?

I believe this company can revolutionize not only child support and the stigma circulating it but the avenues in place to enforce and collect it. I am inspired by Simone’s life work, and I love to help anyone in our society who have been failed repeatedly by their local governments. I’m always evolving my professional nature, which fits the aesthetic of Don’t Get Mad Get Paid.

What impact do you have that you are most excited about?

In the decade that I have spent providing customer service, it became apparent to me that I needed to stay on the path of helping others. Through all of my experiences, I have found that my ability to make a customer feel understood and human was immeasurable in comparison to the service of others around me. I gracefully learned how to create a professional yet comfortable environment, where both peers and clients feel more relaxed and receptive to the services being provided. I believe my skill set will bring parents a sense of peace, and laughter, as they channel through our services. Child support can be many things, but for many moms, it’s inconsistent or failed experiences. These moms have been evaded, ignored, and stepped on by their payors. Moms have been told to find the payor themselves when child support Enforcement could not. If I can do anything, I hope to impact women who have been hurt by their ex-partners and broken systems with a light they might have forgotten about, and see them shine on the other side.

What makes you most excited to be apart of the team right now?

I am beyond excited to be a part of Don’t Get Mad Get Paid, and to say that this company will change lives is an understatement. Our society as a whole is at a strange, pivotal place in time, and this company is a part of that change. There is extensive opportunity for me to learn about our demographic, develop new skills, and be heard by my peers. The company is very receptive to ideas, and it is incomparable to other work environments that I have found myself in.

I look forward to watching each of us grow with Don’t Get Mad Get Paid, and to see where this path leads us as a team!

If you could instantaneously pick up a new skill, what would you choose and why?

Broadcasting! I should have gotten into radio years ago when it was more relevant. My biggest dream was to be the female Howard Stern. I love to talk and pick someone’s brain to see what makes them tick.