Outrageous Deadbeat Excuses

Every single parent I have interacted with has heard outrageous excuses regarding unpaid child support. I say the excuses are absurd because whether or not child support is paid, one parent has to find a way to provide a home, food, and clothing for their child. It is not a choice, and no excuse has ever provided for a child’s needs.

Back in 2014, one of the most outrageous excuses ever went viral online.

Fox News did an investigative series in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and questioned a man named John McCroy about why he was not paying his child support obligation.

Mr. McCroy responded, “I was ineligible to pay it. I was in the hospital and died in a car accident.”

This hit the internet and spread like the plague.

Mr. McCroy responded by using his 15 minutes of fame to promote himself online as a rapper going by the name “Jakitdown.”

How He Got There

He had a daughter in 2009 but never paid his $100 a month child support until he tried to buy a car. Being current on child support was a condition of financing, so he made one $100 payment. No further payments of child support were made.

Prosecutors in Milwaukee started gathering evidence to prosecute Mr. McCroy for felony nonpayment.

Mr. McCroy responded by stating he was disabled in the car accident that he “died” in.

Not only did the prosecutors prove that Mr. McCroy was very much alive, but he wasn’t disabled either. The prosecutors used Mr. McCroy’s own social media posts and proved he was out at nightclubs, working out in a gym, running, and, to top it all off, while in jail on another charge, was on WORK RELEASE working 10 hours a day at his uncle’s automotive shop. And while working 10 hours a day, five days a week, getting overtime working for his uncle Mr. McCroy did not pay any child support. Also, Mr. McCroy was using his internet fame to promote his music video’s and sell mixtapes.

Defending Deadbeats

Mr. McCroy’s attorney argued that the “money” Mr. McCroy was flashing around in his selfies and music videos was “prop money” and that he was not signed with any label, so he was not making money off his “music career.”

Mr. McCroy’s mother wrote a long letter to the presiding Judge, detailing John’s happy childhood, his hopes, and dreams, then the “tragic car accident,” and John’s struggle daily with pain and depression, stating that John now lives with her due to this disability so she can keep a close eye on his “decision making.”

She obviously didn’t help him decide not to post pictures of himself working out, dancing, and drinking in nightclubs while not paying child support and claiming to be disabled. Even though her son actively courted the press coverage and social media fame, she claimed that her son has “emotional distress” from stress and pressure due to the media!

You can’t have it both ways.

Where This Road Leads…

Mr. McCroy pleaded guilty to 2 counts of felony failure to pay child support. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail, three years of probation, and his grandfather gave him $10,000 to pay his back support. After the 60 days in jail, paying his $100 monthly payment is a condition of his freedom.

You have to wonder if Mr. McCroy will finally comply or if his mother, uncle, grandfather, and the attorney will continue to defend his deadbeat behavior while his child does without.

Mr. McCroy is an outstanding example of the #DeadBeatCulture so prevalent in America today.

And as I have said before, this culture must change.

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