Use Your Ex’s Associates to Find Out Where He Hides His Assets

Athena's Relationship Diagram helps you find your ex's assets.

The one thing it seems that brings out the creativity in a deadbeat is how to hide. They move, they change phone numbers, and they get paid under the table. Those that don’t want to give money to their ex will do whatever they can to avoid it. 

Athena has powerful tools to hunt them down. However, sometimes hunting for them alone isn’t enough. They may have other people helping them out, which is why Athena looks into them too.

So our customers can better understand how Athena looks for your ex and his assets, we want to highlight different tools used in the hunt. To find assets that someone else is hiding for him, Athena builds a Relationship Diagram.

One Might Be Wondering – Well, How Do You Get That Info in the First Place?

A Relationship Diagram shows who your ex’s associates are. This connection can be established from public and non-public data such as business documents, sharing real or personal property, or legal documents like a marriage certificate. It’s all about relationships. Who would they trust to hide their assets? Who would YOU trust to hide something valuable for you, and who would agree to help? Usually, it’s parents, siblings, significant others, and business partners.

Why Is This Needed?

Some deadbeats think they can hide assets from you by not ‘legally’ putting his name on it, selling it to someone close to him, or having someone else put their name on it. He may think he’s tricky by having a property in his business partner’s name, but if there is documentation of them working together, Athena can sniff it out.

How Does It Help You?

Let’s paint a picture. Your ex, Dave, claims to have nothing. He doesn’t own a home or a car, he doesn’t have a job, and he is barely scraping by on paper, but you know better. You’ve seen him posting pictures with his flashy muscle car on expensive vacations, and you know he has an impressive home. 

You’ve pushed your case with child support enforcement, but they do nothing because he is broke on paper. Athena dives deeper for you. We find that his new car is in his mom’s name (not that she gets to enjoy it). His home is in the name of his new wife, who was all too happy to help her new man keep it out of your hands. And finally, we see that he had previously owned property with his close buddy Ron, but it mysteriously went solely under Ron’s name recently. Some poking around into Ron shows that he had been paying Dave in cash for his portion of the property’s income.

The relationship diagram helps Athena figure out who could be helping your ex hide his money. Once documentation shows who those people are, Athena looks into their assets as well, to uncover what your ex had tried to keep from you and his children. All he did was throw his stuff into the corner, hoping no one would notice. Through the relationship diagram, Athena knows where to look.

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