Those Unwilling to Pay vs Those Unable to Pay

Athena doesn't pursue dads who truly can't pay their child support

Every child deserves to be supported by both parents, and every non-custodial parent has a duty to support their child, period. If they are your child, you are responsible for them. We understand that life is not that simple, though. Some dads are truly struggling because of circumstances beyond their control and can’t fulfill their child support obligation, while others can pay but choose not to.

The Dads We Don’t Target

Athena sympathizes with the dads who honestly struggle and can’t pay their child support. Roughly one-third of non-custodial parents are below the poverty line, so sending off a large portion of their income isn’t feasible when straining to meet their necessary expenses. Their inability to pay could be a result of: 

  • An injury they need to recover from
  • A family emergency that resulted in them having less money
  • A sudden layoff and they need a chance to find a new job
  • Difficulty finding work, whether from a lack of skills or a criminal history

Everyone falls on hard times, which is why these are not the dads Athena targets for collecting arrears. While all mothers deserve to be paid their full child support on time every time, these dads aren’t hiding assets from you; they don’t have the means to pay.

With some time and support, they will be back on their feet. While it can be painful to talk about, if they can be transparent about their situation, there are options such as a temporary downward child support modification. 

The Dads We Do Target

The dads Athena goes after deserve no sympathy. They have every chance to pay but choose not to. They will make every excuse to get you and the court off their back. They see themselves as the victim rather than the villain depriving their children of necessary resources.

They will use every trick they can think of to avoid sending that child support check. They will:

  • Send small amounts of money right before court dates to make it look like they are paying
  • Move to keep you from finding them
  • Keep their money in non-banking accounts and cash
  • Hide assets with family, friends, and business partners
  • Challenge rulings the day after a payment is due
  • Question how you are spending the child support and demand receipts
  • Straddle overtime, or reduce their working hours right before a court date to minimize the total they are told to pay

If your ex is going out of his way to prevent you from getting child support payments through any of these, or other methods, he is a deadbeat. These dads need to be held responsible for the children they helped bring into this world. 

If traditional arrears collection methods aren’t working for you, Athena can help you collect no matter how many tricks he throws at you. We’ve seen every technique they have and won. If he has the means to pay his child support, you deserve every cent to take care of your children. Period.

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