Basic Child Support Rights

Know Your Child Support Rights

From filing to collection, child support is a legal minefield. There are so many challenges that getting this money can feel hopeless. People will try to keep you from pushing too hard to get it, but those are the social stigmas talking. You are OWED this money. Your children have the RIGHT to the best life possible, and these child support rights are in place for their benefit.

You have the right to receive past-due child support.

Your needs don’t go away just because your ex ignores their responsibilities. You still need that money to take care of your children, and he is in the wrong for keeping it from you. Arrears are like any other debt; it will follow him until he catches up on payments.

You have the right to have medical, dental, life insurance, and childcare in your child support agreement.

Raising children brings on so many expenses, and it should NOT be your burden alone to bear. Children need to go to the doctor and have a place to go while you work. In case something happens to your ex, a life insurance policy will allow you to continue to take care of your family without the child support checks.

If your ex gets a raise, you have the right to receive a raise too. 

If the absent parent starts making substantially more money than they did when you received your child support agreement, why shouldn’t it benefit your children? 

You have a right to receive a response from your caseworker

Caseworkers have 30 days to respond to messages. Mark your calendars and follow up. If you aren’t getting any response, BE the woman who talks to the manager!

You have the right to assist with the recovery of your past-due child support. 

You can help with the recovery of your child support if you are able. You can’t take over the case, but you can help look for your ex and his assets.

You have until your child has reached the age of 18 to file for child support. 

You will only be eligible for child support from the date which you filed. If you haven’t filed, there is no time to waste! Get the money you are owed!

There is too much talk around letting it go when you don’t receive your child support on time. Too many people are saying only gold-diggers fight for their child support. Well, I say enough. You know your child support rights, so get out there and claim what is yours!

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