Back Child Support During COVID

Like masks, child support helps protect your children during COVID.

Parenting without receiving your back child support during COVID is a struggle, and you deserve a medal for making it this far. Through all the unpredictability, you’ve kept your children educated and comfortable while providing for them without your owed money. And even if you are getting current support payments, those arrears would be great to have right now.

There is finally a glimmer at the end of the tunnel regarding the pandemic, though. There are multiple vaccines in production, but it will take time for everyone to get the shot. And even when they are available to distribute, there is no guarantee that it will simply fix everything. Between people being unwilling to take it, limited testing, and still having limited knowledge of the virus. The earliest projections for getting the general public vaccinated are this spring, giving us at least four more months of pandemic life. 

Until then, COVID has made your frustrating situation of not getting your back child support even more challenging to navigate. 

Offices Are Harder to Reach

Child support enforcement offices were already hard to get to, but now they have reduced hours, and many can only be contacted by phone or email. No in-person visits. Of course, that is assuming that the local office is open at all. 

Child support enforcement offices were already overburdened. With reduced hours, more people clamoring to get their support, fewer people paying their support, and more people in fear of the spreading the virus, it can feel hopeless to get in. 

Law offices are also harder to reach. Some firms have had to close offices or lay off employees to stay operational, so when you factor in social distancing measures, reduced hours on top of that, it may be some time before you get into their office. Sure, many lawyers offer virtual consultations, but you are subject to spotty Internet connections and the possibility that the lawyer isn’t tech-savvy.

New Expenses

You were already on a tight budget, and now you are dealing with even more expenses. You might be lucky enough to be working. However, your children’s school is closed, so you have to find a way to take care of them during the day. And they might be struggling with online learning, so to keep them from falling behind, you need to get them a tutor.

With everyone at home, you might need new computers, software, headphones, desks, and chairs for everyone having work or school from home. You probably also upgraded your internet package so everyone can be on their live video calls at once. Not to mention how grocery costs have continued to rise. You may not be spending as much on gas, but other costs create more pressure on your budget than there used to be.

Fighting Back

With all these growing costs and fewer ways to collect, there aren’t many options. You can turn to the courts and file for an upward modification to your child support. If you can show them a material change like an increase in living expenses, they can increase your child support. However, this is only helpful if you have a way to enforce the order and make sure you get paid.

If your ex is genuinely dedicated to avoiding payments by hiding money or staying out of sight, Athena can help. Athena’s advanced search tools can find where he is, how he gets money, where he keeps it, and if he has any valuable assets. 

Once Athena finds him, you receive the completed, state-specific documents needed to seize or place liens on his assets. You also receive step-by-step instructions on filing the documents. Collecting back child support is a massive headache, especially when you are fighting for it alone during COVID. Athena can remove the burden it takes to find him, get the right paperwork, and decipher the legalese. You probably don’t have time for all of this, so by providing Athena with the information you have regarding your child support arrears, she can simplify the process. You don’t need a law degree to collect.

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