3 Reasons you should be signing up for Athena right now

What is Athena? 

Athena is a new online tech platform that legally tracks down the financial assets of non-paying, non-custodial parents that owe child support by generating the state-specific paperwork needed to get you paid.  

When you sign up for Athena, you get 25 years of experience in the child support system, advocacy, guidance through the process, and in the end, the funds you have likely spent years trying to get already.  

Athena does the work for you by tracking down financial records. It looks for anything tied to the non-custodial parent. That information is proceeded by the paperwork that we help you fill out for your state’s court system. The paperwork is a request for a judgment in your favor against those assets for what you are owed. The assets are forcibly sold until all of what you are owed is paid in full.  

There is no more waiting for the non-custodial parent to make a payment on their own or for wage garnishments to process through the system. There is no more avoiding payments through 1099 work or an under the table earner.

Why should you sign up?

The first and most important reason you should sign up for Athena is your child or children. They have needs and it’s no secret that as a single parent the struggle to make ends meet doesn’t leave a budget for anything extra, like sports, dance classes, outings, school supplies, or new clothes. It takes a huge financial and emotional toll on the parent, but the kids suffer too. You have a right to collect child support for your children; the burden was never meant to be placed on one parent alone. 

Second, Athena makes navigating the complicated legal system more digestible by walking you through it, step by step. As the creator of Athena, I have been through this process and have helped thousands of mamas out there get through it as well. With Athena on your side, you are not alone. You are standing on the shoulders of women who have come before you.

Third, Athena allows you to avoid the stress and legal fees from dealing with state agencies or attorneys that hold up the process and create unnecessary roadblocks. With Athena, you can make real progress toward getting paid. It’s money you are rightfully owed, now you just need to collect it, and with Athena, you can! Sign up today and let Athena balance the scales in your life. 

Next Steps

If you are ready to take the first step to getting paid visit our website and sign up for an account today. If you have any questions, we have real women waiting to help you on live chat. What are you waiting for? 

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