10 Things to Expect From Our Customer Success Team

You’ve got questions and need help getting them answered, which means engaging someone on the Customer Success Team. Here are ten things you can expect to experience in your interaction with the Customer Success Team at Don’t Get Mad Get Paid. A Smile Even though our mode of communication for customer support is live chat, just know that we are smiling on the other side of the screen. You are not being a bother and will have a productive exchange with a real live human! 😉 Empathy, Patience, and Compassion Some of our customers will be full of questions, some are chatty, and others are just plain mad. Empathizing with our customers is important to us, as some of us have even had the same frustrating journey, trying to get our custody and child support issues resolved. Thick Skin We have thick skin and we can take it. You know the old saying “the customer’s always right”. There’s truth to that. We swallow our pride and can accept blame or negative feedback or handle those really passionate customers in an empathic way. No matter what, your happiness is our primary goal. If a customer is at the end of her rope because of her experience, our approach is to just be human and level with them. We will remind you that we are doing our best. We are here to listen and provide solutions and recognize we might be the first human that is willing to listen! Which brings me to my next point… A Real Human Yes, you will get an actual REAL human. When you engage us on the Live Chat feature of the Don’t Get Mad Get Paid website or from the product, we will try our best to identify common ground and shared interests with the customers we serve. We believe by humanizing our relationship with you, we can make resolving the conflict easier. We are striving together to get you a resolution for your back child support woes. Trust us, some of us have been through it, so you can do it too! Personalization We all want help from real people, not just FAQs, and automated emails. Technology can be cold and daunting for some but we use social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and reviews) to hear and understand your stories and will engage and respond when you post on our page. We want you to get to know us too and display team pictures and bios on our website. We want you to know that Don’t Get Mad Get Paid has real people working on your behalf. You can check us out anytime and hear our stories! Accessibility  Part of the personal touch is being available. We have made it easy for our customers to reach the Customer Success team via email and live chat. Also, our CEO hosts FREE information sessions here, where you will learn more about how we are helping moms to collect back child support. Some of the most important information that you’ll learn is what kind of information we can find, how we can find it, and what you can do with the info after we find it for you. Also, how do you navigate through a court system that was not designed for you? We explain all of this for you and tell you how we support you through this process. We believe the more ways we are accessible (via phone, chat, text, email, etc.) the more trust we will build. A Customer Community  A great way to make customers feel valued is to create a sense of community around the product you are offering. We bring our customers together through webinars, interactive websites, social media, blog comments, trade shows, and conventions. Our Child Support Enforcement Plan group on Facebook, allows us to connect with our customers and the broader community to provide support and guidance when needed. Often our customers come to these forums to learn from us but we see it a great opportunity for us to learn from them. Resources Good customer support should always be available, even if we aren’t. We make sure we offer resources through our website and blog to help the customer no matter what time of day. Consistent Improvements We stay informed through our customer’s experiences. Why rely on “It feels like we spend a lot of time addressing this issue” when customer data can easily eliminate the guesswork? We track the frequency of issues as well as the average handle time, to give us the reporting we need to make better decisions on how to improve your business and set proper expectations on our service delivery We Don’t say, That’s Not my Job We remember Customer Service is everyone’s job, even if they are not on the Customer Success Team. Everyone should be feeling the customers’ pain points. When your whole company is encouraged to be involved in customer service, knowledge of problems, bugs, and features becomes illuminated for the entire team. There’s no faster way to make improvements that drive your business forward. It’s so simple, yet often overlooked. Just talk to customers and your Customer Success Team will be just that, SUCCESSFUL!